Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrations

Artificial intelligence is already here. It is impacting every business all over the world, and the truth is: „if you’re not using ai you’re falling behind”. Just look around, from small to big companies, everyone is looking to find ways to effectively integrate this technology into their daily operations. 

What is in it for you?

One of the most popular and effective approach to implement AI is automation. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you can free up yours or your employees time, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their job that are probably more humanly, creative or strategic. Having that in mind we came up with ideas and products, which can be described by one word. Imagine.

Imagine having your own AI avatar as a live chat on your website giving your customers extraordinary experience of immediate help.

Imagine You have an AI assistant connected to messaging app, or in your desktop app, which helps you quickly find everything that matters to you and your business at the moment.

Imagine You have your own knowledge base (MySQL or Airtable) where important content for you lands automatically or semi-automatically. 

Imagine the same assistant makes a summary for you based on a specific data, extracts the essence from, for example, a multi-page report on the market or a target group.

That’s the AI field we are focusing on at the moment. 

Integration. The hard part that we make easier. 

Yes, we know that successfully implementing AI can be a challenging task. It might require a lot of time, knowledge, strategic planning and a commitment to innovation. Sounds overwhelming, does it? That’s the part when we step in. We know the shortcuts. We will identify your business needs, like we always do. Together we will consider what is your proces, what would you use AI for; maybe to improve decision-making, automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks like hours of researches you’ll have to do for you client; maybe to boost customer satisfaction or build up precision in your coding?

It’s all about your business.

For us it doesn’t matter how big or small your needs are, once we establish your goals we would align them with potential benefits, we will find the solution compatible with your existing infrastructure and finish the project by successful implementation. We obviously won’t stop there. All AI models needs to be permanently refined and improved over time, as we know that improving your business tools makes you more competitive and let you stay ahead on the market. We will be ready to make adjustments as your business evolve. We will be there, to support YOU. 

Remember, this is only a beginning. The list of possibilities grows every day and seems limitless. 

So don’t worry. 

Just imagine. We will do the rest. 

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